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What is a Youth Development Center?

Check out our general YDC page to get the general Idea.

YDC Kampong Speu Goals:


In order to progress, we would like to expand in the following areas:

  • A new school building for everyday classes
  • Plant a church within the center’s compound
  • Build a medical clinic and offer hygiene and healthcare classes
  • Reach out to other communities in his region
  • Start farming on the property
  • Establish an official soccer team

The Community of Kampong Speu:


Located 75km west of Phnom Penh, most families in this Kampong Speu village are sustained through rice farming, harvesting one crop per year. Many of the women and daughters work in nearby clothing and shoe factories.

There are 12 villages with 50-100 families each. The school system is underdeveloped and medical clinics have limited resources and skilled-staff.


Giving Back:

Towards the end of 2012, Ra learned of a family of 4 children whose grandmother passed away. With a mother who abandoned them, and a father working in another region, the loss of their sole caregiver was more than devastating for the children as they were left to fend for themselves.

This story tugged at Ra’s heart. He initiated a fundraiser and through the generosity of others, was able to raise enough for the father to move back home to personally care for his children.

Ministry Leader: Ra and Noun

Ra & Nougn