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Restore Foundations

HeartWe are born to relate to each other. Without relationship we cannot live with a full sense of life and joy in us. It is simply because we are created according to the image of God who loves relationship.

However most of us feel lonely and unsatisfied in our relationships with others. Why are so many people around us desperately looking for something that can fill their emptiness? why does this searching often turn out to be in vain?

Does God really want to help us? Is God really interested in our longings and heart desire for intimacy?

Are you familiar with these questions? If you are, FCM is for you. God wants to call you to a different level of intimacy with Him, and guide you to good relationships with others. Are you ready?

Curriculum Outline*

  • What is Biblical counselling?
  • Biblical View of Man
  • Renewed Christian Thinking
  • The Divine Plumb line
  • The cross and Restoration
  • Relationship and identity
  • Active Listening
  • Growth and Maturity
  • Ministry by Holy Spirit
  • Family in Southeast Asia
  • Counselling in mission
  • Cross cultural counseling

* Curriculum may be subject to change

Uniqueness of this School

  • We provide opportunity  for students to use counselling as a tool for mission
  • We believe Biblical truth and principle should be a basic foundation for practical counselling
  • We understand the uniqueness of Asian culture and so we lay a foundation for counselling within the Asian context


“Through this course I came to know how to apply Biblical principles in my daily life. I want to strongly recommend this school to those who have the desire to bear good fruits in their practical life”

Joseph Kweon, Jesus Abbey

Course details:


  • Dates to be determined.


  • Lecture Phase: University of the Nations in Phnom Penh
  • Outreach Phase: We will decide this during the lecture phase. Possible locations are Indochina peninsula, China, Japan, Mongolia etc.


  • Course will be in English/Khmer


  • Completed Discipleship Training School (DTS)

School fees:

  • Lecture Phase: Khmer $450USD/Non-Khmer $2,200USD (there is a registration charge of 1{5d61d5db80826e5bd2f7910f7ae09db2b6ee40ed78e94f68b443cef83cade331} of course fee)
  • Outreach Phase: fee is seperate and will be announced during the lecture phase

The FCM Team

The FCM Team


Kanghoon Lim moved to Cambodia in early 2013. He has been involved in Biblical Counselling for 13 years. In 2000, he studied at the Family Ministry School in Canberra, Australia. Subsequently, he joined as a staff member of the ministry and continues to serve today.

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